How To

Follow the instructions provided with your medicines, including labeling information and Medication Guides.


Additionally, these instructions on secure storage and disposal of unwanted, unused, or expired medicines should always be followed:


Medication Guides Follow the instructions exactly as provided including labeling information and Medication Guides accompanying the medicine. If you have any questions, ask your healthcare providers.

Medication Storage 
In particular, follow any storage instructions as provided on the medicine label and on the patient information accompanying the medicine.

Medicine StorageKeep the medicine in a secure location, either in a medicine cabinet or safely away from people or pets that might come in contact with it.

Medicine DisposalWhen medicine is unwanted, unused, or expired, dispose of it immediately and properly, including in a kiosk site. If you cannot get to a conveniently located kiosk site, please see the FAQ here.


To protect your privacy, remove or destroy all identifying personal information on the medication labels or packaging before disposing of unwanted, unused, or expired medicines.
Questions About a Kiosk Site?

Please contact the kiosk site directly. They have the most updated information, including what can be disposed of and hours of operation.