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23 Mar 2020

Disposing of Household Medicine

It’s Easy as 1,2,3 ~ Unsure of what to do with your unwanted, unused, and expired…

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18 Mar 2020

About Drug Disposal Laws and Resources

Did You Know? ~ When it comes to the proper disposal of unwanted, unused, and expired…

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22 Jan 2020

PPSWG Launches Website

For Immediate Release ~ The Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Work Group (PPSWG) has re-launched a website to…

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17 Jan 2020

Are You Handling Medication Responsibly?

Four Ways to Find Out ~  We’re striving to educate prescription and over-the-counter medication users about…

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10 Jan 2020

Where to Properly Dispose of Old Medication Map to the Rescue! ~  Unwanted, unused, or expired medicines must be properly disposed of…

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What’s the Best Way to Dispose of Medicine?

We provide kiosks in all 50 states for the proper disposal of unwanted, unused or expired medications. Many of them are conveniently stationed at your local pharmacies and law enforcement facilities for ease of use.