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Disposing of Household Medicine

Disposing Household Medicine
It’s Easy as 1,2,3 ~

Unsure of what to do with your unwanted, unused, and expired household medicine? Safe disposal is easier than you may think. Many pharmacies, medical facilities, and law enforcement agencies across the U.S. host secure kiosk sites where anyone can safely and anonymously dispose of their unwanted, unused, and expired household medicines.

The website was created to provide patients with education and an easy way to find a kiosk site. The website’s Kiosk Site Locator provides verified information on kiosk sites across the country.

Just type in your ZIP code and the Kiosk Site Locator will show you the closest locations.

For each kiosk site found by the Kiosk Site Locator tool, you’ll find:

  • Location name, address, phone number, and website
  • Hours of operation, including hours of collection
  • Any collection restrictions

After using our Kiosk Site Locator tool, safe disposal of unwanted, unused, or expired household medicines is as easy as “1-2-3”:

  1. Look through your household medicine cabinet or other storage space and pull out any unwanted, unused, or expired medicines. If the labels do not indicate an expiration date, you’ll want to remove any medicines that were purchased over a year ago. You’ll also want to take out any that have changed in color, texture, or smell since you first bought them.
  2. Remove any identifying information to protect your privacy. While household medicine disposal at kiosk sites is secure and anonymous, taking this extra precautionary measure can help to safeguard your privacy.
  3. Call to confirm the location’s collection hours and what they collect – and then bring those items to the kiosk site.


Why Is This Important?

Utilizing the convenient kiosks provided in your local law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, and pharmacies allows you to safely and anonymously dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medicines.

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